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I share tips & snippets of what I do to keep healthy & stay in shape. My Inner Circle is a background look into my life. I keep it real & professional while sharing my life hacks!

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Hi everybody. Natasha here… I would like to share my experience with the ladies out there. I started with Vanessa beginning of September this year. I was asked by my daughters to join them…..I was a person that really didn’t enjoy gym at all (as a matter of fact I hated it). I decided it would be nice to join them…. I went the first day….really “kakked” off…😩 but thought I will push through and do this for them…. At that time I weighed 75kg….I go Monday’s,Tuesday’s and Thursday’s….what I like about her gym is you get the individual attention, the motivation and drive you need to reach your goals….sometimes I really wanted to give up but luckily I am pushing myself to keep going….apart from that…. you gym in the fresh open air….when you arrive there, you get a warm welcome from not only the staff….but Vanessa’s beautiful dogs and cats…unlike any sarcastic, bitchy up and down looks you get at any other gym.

This is my third month and I can honestly say I’ve had a huge mind change about gym. Firstly I now weigh 71kg and have already lost a size on my clothing. I feel fitter and and I am already starting to tone nicely….I am doing this for me now.😬

It really feels great to get told by others how good I’m looking lately. Thank you to Vanessa for making a change in my life and in the way I feel about myself!!!😘…hee hee thanks to my girls that made me do this too😘😘…I can’t wait to see my results of my measurements compared to 3 months ago at the end of this month.😬

Come on ladies if I can do this…YOU can!!!…..😬

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Skype Calls For All My Online Clients

Available by Appointment: vanessapalm123

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